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Create users in an instant? Try User Manager Assistant!

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Using User Manager Assistant (UMA) for Windows NT / 2000 server, you can create new users easier than ever before.

As a network administrator you will be able to save a substantial amount of time using this product. It saves you the work of manually having to register each individual user in your domain, create private shares, assign user profiles, and so forth.

UMA can create users from a textfile, make usernames, passwords, home directories and profiles in one operation. UMA is developed by sysadmins for sysadmins, and has special features for administrating users in an educational LAN.


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What is PAD?

UMA is a tool developed for Windows NT-administrators to simplify the process of creating and managing multiple users in a Windows NT-domain. UMA collects the necessary data about the users that is to be created from a text-file, and performs a number of operations that you would otherwise have to do manually.

UMA has been designed to match the need for any medium sized or large organisation, and has functionality that makes it particularly useful in environments that need to differentiate between users on the basis of year of registration, class, e.g. schools and other educational institutions.

  • Creates the user

  • Assigns a password

  • Make the user member of a given group

  • Assigns a logon script

  • Assigns a profile directory

  • Creates a directory for the profile, and copies a profile-template

  • Creates a private share for the user

User Manager Assistant is licensed according to the number of NT-servers (PDC) in your LAN.


1 license


2-5 licenses

US$169,- each

6-10 licenses

US$139,- each

more than 10 licenses

US$ 99,- each



Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Q: Do you, or will you, have a product that works with an Active Directory enabled Win2K domain? Running in a mixed and later in a native mode environment?

A: UMA works fine under Win2K. However, it does not take advantage of new features in Win2K, like Organizational Unit for the users.

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